Prawn Fire Crackers


Crisp wontons encase red curry prawns, great as finger food served with a sweet lime dipping sauce

Prep time:30 mins

Cook time:3 mins

Makes: 20


  • 20 raw prawns, tails attached
  • 2 tablespoons Five Tastes Thai Red Curry Paste
  • 20 Thai basil leaves
  • 20 wonton wrappers
  • 15g palm sugar, grated
  • Zest and juice from 1 lime
  • 1 red chilli (frozen), for garnish
  • Oil, for frying


Step 1

Pat dry prawns, remove vein and make a small slit crosswise underneath each prawn to cut through the muscle to ensure they stay straight.

Step 2

Place ¼ teaspoon Five Tastes Curry Paste on the centre of a wonton wrapper, place a basil leaf on top and place a prawn diagonally on wrapper so tail is just off the edge. Wrap wonton firmly around prawn, leaving tail protruding. Moisten edges with a little water to seal. Repeat with all prawns. (For larger prawns 2 wonton wrappers may be required).

Step 3

Combine lime juice and palm sugar in a small bowl, heat in the microwave for 15 seconds to dissolve sugar. Chill. Stir in zest once cold.

Step 4

Deep fry prawns in batches for 3 minutes. Drain on absorbent paper and serve immediately with lime dipping sauce. Dust with finely grated frozen red chilli to garnish.

Tasty Tip!

Ensure only the tip of the tail is left on the prawn and all other shell is removed.
Marinate prawns in curry paste for 2 hours. Freezing the chilli allows it to grate to almost a powder, perfect for dusting.

Prawn Fire Crackers
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