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    Penang Curry Paste

    Try our classic Mild Penang Curry paste. Milder than green or red curry it is characterised by mild red chilli, stronger flavour of lemongrass and the saltiness of shrimp paste. Penang curry is widely enjoyed for its mild creamy flavour.

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    Stir Fry Shots

    Coriander & Kaffir Lime Stir Fry Shot

    Our easy to use Stir Fry Shots are designed to enhance any quick stir fry meal. A concentrated paste using classic Thai ingredients with the leading flavours of coriander and lemongrass for a flavour boost.

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    Curry Shots

    Massaman Curry Paste Shot

    The flavours of Massaman Curry Paste are influenced by Malay and India with the fragrant spices coriander, cumin, cardamom and cinnamon. It is then perfectly balanced with classic Thai spices, the sourness of tamarind and slightly sweetened.

Not sure where to start? If your usual Asian cooking is a stir fry, you might want to explore the tastes and flavours of our new stir fry shots. Feeling more confident? Our pastes shots and jars allow you more scope to explore and create.

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